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AEMnet CAN bus Expansion Modules

The 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module is the perfect solution for adding digital, analog and frequency-based channels to your EV for viewing and/or logging on a CD Carbon Digital Dash Display because it provides the simplest path for adding channels that are not on the EV propulsion system's CAN bus netw..
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AEM’s 4 Port AEMnet CAN Hub is the perfect solution for connecting multiple AEMnet CAN bus-enabled devices together. This convenient Module provides a central docking station for four AEMnet cables via 4-way DTM-style housings and can provide power to all of the connected devices on the Hub through ..
Ex Tax:$73.88
AEM’s 6 Channel CAN Sensor Module (PN 30-2226) provides an affordable and easy way to add temperature, pressure, fluid level, and tachometer signals on to a CD Carbon Digital Dash Display on your EV racecar or conversion dash through AEMnet CAN bus! It converts the signals from these inputs into an ..
Ex Tax:$158.30
AEM EV's 8-Channel K-Type Thermocouple EGT CAN Module (PN 30-2224) is an effective way to add temperature channels to an EV racecar or conversion vehicle and integrate the channels into an EV VCU's CAN bus network or send to a CD Carbon Digital Dash Display to monitor and log channels alongside chan..
Ex Tax:$444.42
The AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM) is a compact unit that sends ground speed, heading, altitude, G-loads, roll, pitch and yaw to CD Carbon Digital Dashes independent of an EV CAN bus network. It's an easy way to add MPH and an odometer reading to EV vehicles, and it provides a ton of data for mot..
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