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15 Sep Behind the Wheel of AEM’s “Testang” EV Conversion
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By Phil RoyleI wasn't piloting the only EV at that weekend's SCCA Cal Club Region autocross – far from it. I was, however, in the only EV conversion. The black Mustang I peered over the steering wheel of began life as a 2007 powered by a V-8. The pistons, however, had been swapped for parts from a Tesla, a minivan, and electronics from AEM. The bo..
15 Sep Speed Record At 218.2 MPH (Update: They Went Faster)
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By Bradley BrownellThe EV car nerds will soon inherit the earth. From the moment this project started to the moment the car won its class speed record was just three months, which may well be the most impressive compressed racing program I've ever born witness to. The EV West and Hickey Speed Electraliner made four runs in two days on the Bonnevil..
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