Our Privacy Policy

Being a member of the Internet community shouldn't mean that you lose your rights to privacy. It is Cyberspace Automotive Performance's policy that we completely honor the privacy of all of our customers and visitors. For this reason, we make the following promises:

  1. We will never sell, lease, or otherwise give any of the information about any of our customers to anyone.
  2. We will not accept or relay any unsolicitied commercial email (spam) from any third party to our customers. Any spam received by us is reported to the abuse authority for the particular domain and if the spam persists, the offending mail server is banned from sending additional email to Racing-Seats-USA.com

The Racing-Seats-USA website utilizes cookies to enhance your user experience. Cookies are small bits of information about the current browsing session that to prevent the need to re-enter information. For example, if you indicate the make and model of your vehicle on this session, a cookie would allow us to retain throughout your browsing session. None of this information is ever personally-identifiable information (your name, for example) nor is any financial information kept as a cookie. Disabling cookies will prevent this cookie placement, and you can delete cookies at any time in the Internet Options section of your web browser.

Thank you for entrusting us with your privacy. We will guard it as jelously as we do our own.