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AEM's Air Inlet Temperature Sensor Kits (AIT) are affordable and accurate. They are available in two NPT sizes and include weatherproof mating connectors, pins, and a mounting bung.30-2014: Air Temp Sensor with 1/8" NPT Male Thread, High-Performance DTM-Style Connector, Aluminum Bung, Connector &..
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AEM's Boost Control Solenoid can be used to control things like automatic transmission shifts and other pressure-controlled systems by an AEM VCU. It is pressure tested to 100 PSI and includes 1/8" NPT to 3/8" barb fittings to reduce any chance of leaks.WARNING:This installation is not for the tunin..
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The High Performance DTM-Style plug & pin kits provided by EVSystempro are high quality and affordable. These kits include High-quality sealed connector housings with weather seal, wedge locks and pins.Part #Description35-2618DTM-Style 2-Way Plug Connector Kit. Includes Plug, Plug Wedge Lock &am..
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AEM offers three affordable and accurate Fluid Temperature Sensors; a 1/8" NPT sensor with a DTM-style connector, a 1/8" NPT sensor with pull-to-seat connector and a 3/8" NPT sensor with pull-to-seat connector.30-2013: Temperature Sensor with 1/8" NPT Male Thread, High-Performance DTM-Style Connecto..
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K-Type Thermocouple sensors are perfect the perfect solution for viewing and logging various temperatures including battery temps, air temps, water temps, fluid temps, disc brake temps and more.AEM inexpensive, fast-responding K-Type, closed tip thermocouple sensor is sold individually or in 2-or 4-..
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Micro-relay kit. Includes relay, connector and contacts...
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The AEM RTD-Type (Resistance Temperature Detector) Temperature Sensor (PN 30-2052) is packed with features that deliver consistent measurement and long life. It features a closed-tip design that lasts longer than the previous generation’s perforated tip design and the tip is smaller for less intrusi..
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Absolute (PSIa) Pressure SensorsAEM offers high quality stainless steel PSIa sensors in 15 (1BAR), 30 (2BAR), 50 (3.5BAR), 75 (5BAR) and 100 (7BAR). PSIa is referenced to absolute zero. Absolute zero is the pressure measurement when all the pressure exerted by the atmosphere has been removed. The mo..
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Gauge style (PSIg) Pressure SensorsAEM offers high-quality PSIg sensors in 100, 150, 500, 1,000, and 2,000. Gauge style pressure sensors reference pressure above atmospheric pressure. When exposed to atmospheric pressure, gauge style pressure sensors will read 0 PSIg. Gauge-style pressure sensors ar..
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