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AEMdata Logging Analysis Software

AEMdata Logging Analysis Software
AEMdata Logging Analysis Software

AEMdata data analysis software is a custom data analysis package for select AEM products that features advanced 3D graphics, HD Video support for GoPro and other action cams and a user-friendly interface.

AEMdata allows the user to combine vehicle data and their own HD video to review and playback vehicle, driver or engine data and overlay this data using charts, dash displays, gauges, or custom displays that you create. HD Videos with data overlays can be created and shared. High-speed logging is saved to a file internally or via PC connection.

All channels are listed in the AEMdata set up menu. Users simply drag and drop the channel that they want to analyze into a lane or gauge and it will display. Users can set alarms and program definable color changes for parameters of logged channels to quickly skim logged data for color changing peaks and valleys, versus tracing the channel log to find where the problem occurred. AEMdata has powerful features including custom math channels, x/y plots and histograms, stage or circuit modes and more, all aimed at making sure you get the most out of your data.

VIDEO OVERLAY SAMPLE - AQ-1 Data Logger, Infinity EMS, Series 2 EMS & EMS-4

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